Rewriting Gender

in an Age of Transition


An online conference
hosted at the University of St Andrews

16th – 18th September 2022


Call for papers

The turn of the 19th to 20th century marked an eruption of innovations in our cultural conception of gender. Rising consumerism altered men’s relationships with presentation while sexologists considered gender as a complex taxonomy. The New Woman sought greater levels of empowerment and heightened androgyny. Rewriting Gender in an Age of Transition encompasses questions of presentation, perception and the textual body in gender variant literature and culture from 1880-1940. Possible topics include:

  • Fashion and self-image
  • Sexology and pathologisation
  • Queer activism
  • Gender in early cinema and adaptation
  • Gender roles on the Victorian and Modernist stage
  • Poetic androgyny (of the poet or of the subject)
  • Decadent and symbolist literature and art
  • Empire and global images of gender
  • Gender variance in Modernist literature
  • Stage costuming and gender-variant presentation
  • Gender and racial difference
  • Ambiguous and intersex bodies
  • Gothic androgyny in literature and film
  • Gender variance in popular fiction and culture (pamphlets, penny dreadfuls, paperbacks)
  • Disability, gender and non-normative bodies
  • Art and visual representations of androgyny

We welcome a broad, intermedial and interdisciplinary approach to the topic, including but not limited to papers on poetry, drama, cinema, global literature, nonfiction, visual media, history of science, queer studies and gender studies. For 20 minute papers, please send proposals of no more than 250 words and a 100 word biography to Paul Thompson (pt54@st-andrews.ac.uk) and Katerina García-Walsh (kgw6@st-andrews.ac.uk) by May 20th 2022.